lets2share.co.uk Club

Exclusive residents membership card for
concessions and deals at participating restaurants and bars

  • It’s just a little something we’ve organised as a way of saying “thanks – you’re awesome!”

  • You’ll receive your exclusive lets2share Club membership card once you move in and you can keep and use it all the time you’re a resident. Terms, conditions and offers will vary and are subject to change

  • Use it whenever you like at participating retailers. We’ve arranged some great restaurants and bars to begin with and we’ll keep you posted via social media of any new ones we add – gym, activities, cinema and health centre… things you’re likely to need and enjoy!

  • We don’t even mind if you share the card with your friends and family once in a while. Treat them or lend them your card, it’s up to you!

Want to know more?

You can contact lets2share on 01424 234567, email us at info@lets2share.co.uk or find us on Facebook and Twitter

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