lets2share Services

Asset and Facilities Management

Asset and Facilities Management (AFM) of our clients estates is a small but very important part of what we do. Our Total AFM approach to service delivery means we provide services tailored to individual requirements to ensure business continuity and asset availability. Our expertise in development and lifecycle management combined with energy consumption modelling provides a holistic view to asset management and estate strategy – which saves you money.


Different from our Mentoring service, Consultancy is a core ‘project by project’ function that we deliver across a broad range of subjects and client types within our niche. Your objectives create focus that our consultants use in partnership with you to create agreed deliverables. Projects may be a question that needs answering, feedback on an opportunity, feasibility study or general advice at a macro or micro level. We understand the importance of working to your preferred communication methods and level of detail and recognise that we all learn and take on information in different ways. If you like the ‘look’ of something, we’ll ‘show’ you. If you prefer the ‘sound’ of that, we’ll ‘tell’ you more.

Estate Acquisitions and Leasing

Change across politics, economics, society, technology, environment and legislation on a personal or global level can trigger negative and positive opportunities and outcomes not only in life but in property too. lets2share.co.uk works with landlords, institutions, local authorities and individuals to purchase and lease certain types of assets where the responsible ‘person’ no longer wishes to have the burden of maintenance and management or is perhaps experiencing financial difficulties. There are a number of ways in which such arrangements can be structured to meet the requirements of all stakeholders. Naturally, we exercise sympathy and discretion when dealing with sensitive issues.


lets2share.co.uk promotes and delivers a modern and fun lifestyle that’s easy to manage and provides value for money. Our brand and products attract significant interest from the intended target market and as a result, we often have waiting lists of potential tenants and guests. We build and nurture relationships with key employers and education establishments and market our homes through a variety of macro and micro channels – both online and offline. As a lets2share.co.uk landlord you’ll have peace of mind owing to our proven track record and excellent reputation.

Project Management

We provide expertise to manage a variety of projects; mostly commercial and residential development and construction, change management and strategy development and implementation. Our team have a wealth of experience and knowledge across refurbishments, conversions, extensions and new builds. We have a traditional approach when working with people and embrace technology to drive efficiency and detail. Industry best practice and modelling of previous projects empower us to deliver higher yielding property with longevity. Strategy plays a key role in everything we do for our clients. Critical analysis and objectivity are important factors that we combine with research to underpin our methodical approach. We seek to unravel complexity whenever possible and always ask ‘what if’ when developing scenario planning and backup.


We learn and share with each other. There are many events, exhibitions, clubs and forums that we like to participate in and share knowledge. If you think we can offer something of interest to your audience we’d love to know. It may be an opinion, advice, a story or case study or methodology.